Strengthen The Good

Using the power of weblogs for open-source charity. Don’t just fight evil: Strengthen the good.


Strenthen The Good, founded by Alan L. Nelson, is a network of bloggers committed to raising awareness for small charities around the world. Every so often this space highlights a new “micro-charity”—a small, inspiring charity, one with a real face and where $1 makes a difference—and the bloggers in the network link to that post, sending traffic, and awareness, the charity’s way.

The idea for Strengthen The Good sprang from the blogosphere’s remarkable response to the story of Susan Tom. Originally posted at the Command Post, Susan’s was a cause to which people from around the world rallied, raising $15,000 for the education of this remarkable family in three days. You can read more in our first post, but here’s an excerpt:

Every third Sunday night I’ll post about a “Susan Tom-esque” micro-charity. I’ll find them, I’ll qualify them, and I’ll post their story with enough detail that people can qualify them for themselves, and feel good (or even inspired) by what the charity stands for and who it benefits.I will NOT ask for donations, or set a goal for donations, as I did with Susan Tom. Instead, the mission of the site is only to raise awareness of the charity in question … to simply say “Look at this, it’s a great and inspiring example of good in the world, and if you’d like to contribute $1 or more or get involved in some way, here’s where you go to do so.”

All I ask is that you join the network: every third Monday, link to that month’s charity post. To help us all remember, I’ll send an email to every blog in the network as a reminder on Sunday night, including the permalink for the post.

With enough blogs in the network, we should be able to generate significant awareness for each micro-charity, and benefits for each charity should naturally follow. Further, if traffic on the site is high enough to support ad revenues, I’ll donate all revenues for that period to its appropriate charity. I’ll also pay the hosting fees.

The selection cycle is more episodic than every third Sunday, but we still strive to regularly identify open-source charities to profile. If you’re interested in joining the network (and you’d be very welcome), please visit our Join! page. If you have a submission, we welcome them but our policy is to not reply unless we select a submitted charity. You may send submissions to alan [at] strengthenthegood [dot] com.

Thanks for visiting. Remember: Don’t just fight evil — strengthen the good!

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