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Katrina Donations Update

Just a quick update on matching the good for Katrina: All the checks have come in and cleared, and I’ve begun making the donations. Oddly, the Red Cross wouldn’t accept donations online this afternoon, but I did make donations to the following groups per Mary’s request with her $1,000 match (the links are proof of payment):

* $200 to the Salvation Army

* $200 to UJC

* $200 to the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Fund

* $200 to Feed the Children

* $200 to Soldier’s Angels

I’ll keep trying the Red Cross, and will make a donation that, along with Mary’s contributions above, totals $10,000 plus a bit (we had a late donation or two come in). When I do, I’ll post proof of the contribution here.

Thanks for helping to strengthen the good!

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