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Bratislava Update

This today from Douglas in Bratislava:

I want to share with you a bit of delight I enjoyed the other day, even more than getting books in the mail. We have received enough books that my desk was getting a bit cluttered, so I moved the stacks to a table at the back of my classroom. There they will accumulate until we find some funding for shelves in the room where our library will be. One of my students noticed the books, started looking through them, and then approached me. “Mr. Dart,” she said. “May I borrow this?” It was a copy of “Little Women”. Later, two other students approached me with books in their hands, each wanting to borrow one. The first was “Fahrenheit 451″ and the other, “Schindler’s List”.

Say Waaa Hooo! The library is open for business!!!

He says he has books arriving every day, and that’s just through airmail … Douglas can’t wait to see what the slow boats bring. Good work, folks, and thanks for helping to strengthen the good.

Welcome, And An Update

Welcome to those of you coming from the New York Times. Feel free to poke around the site and the archives, and if you’re so inclined, to visit some of the micro-charities we’ve profiled. (And if you’re taken with Susan Tom in particular, you can contribute to the Tom Family Education Trust here.) Further, if you’re a blogger (or just someone who would like to receive an email profiling a micro-charity from time to time) and would like to join the network you may do so here.

And finally, an update. I’ve held off on profiling another micro-charity for a while so that I could make arrangements for this announcement: I’ve established Strengthen The Good as a 503/c non-profit organization. The paperwork just came through, so those who do donate through this site will be able to do so and claim the appropriate tax deduction.

Now that that’s done, I have two micro-charities that I’ll profile in the next several weeks or so … and both are thing I think will make lots of people feel good.

Until then: don’t just fight evil–strengthen the good.

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